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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Well, I'm gambling this weekend...

I told Anna I'd go on Saturday. Now let's hope I win some money! I hope she wins some money too actually.

As for the post about Anna and reciprocation, I think Jill and Sandy are both right. My financial situation is different than hers, I used to make less money than her for the same work, and now I am trying to move out and such, so that might be it. But I think Sandy is right too, she is much more comfortable giving than receiving. It took me 3 years, a chat with her husband and a peek at her work badge to find out exactly when her birthday is! She wouldn't tell anyone because she didn't want them to get her anything!

So that's enough about that.

On to stitching news, I need St. Anthony's help. I'm missing some charts I ordered a bit back. I'm pretty sure they're all together, I just don't know where. One of them is my next planned start and it would help to find it! Of course, it would also help to actually stitch on the 2 projects I keep saying I'm going to finish every month - Cherished Rose and Elf Fairy - as I really am trying to reduce my number of WIPs by finishing 2 before I start something new. I usually fail miserably at that, by the way. That must be why I have 41 WIPs!


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