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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Stitching at a stitching gtg...

Riiiight. Sure. Get 10 women and some food in a room for the afternoon and see how many of them stitch! In our case yesterday, just one, and she was finishing up the backstitch on her project. I did absolutely nothing on any project. The only time they saw daylight is because someone wanted to see what I was working on.

It was great fun though. Everytime we do it, I learn something about everyone. Yesterday, one person told the cutest story of how she came to marry her husband. Another time, a couple years back, I heard a funny story of how one person realized she was interested in the man she eventually married. That one cracked me up, still does when I think about it. But we also hear about people's struggles sometimes too, ones they don't always share online, and that seems to bond a group in some ways. It's like free therapy! It probably helps that most of us have been getting together in various combinations on and off for at least 3 years, maybe more, so we mostly know and trust each other.

So it's Sunday night already. Where does the weekend go? It seems it was just a minute ago I was celebrating Friday afternoon. And now I'm thinking about having to go back to work tomorrow. I spent yesterday at the gtg, and then today after church, my mom and my friend and I did some shopping and had lunch. I bought some jeans and some new tops, and my mom bought an outfit or two or something. My friend was just along for the ride, lol. I think it turned out to be a little longer of a ride than she signed up for, but I hope she had fun. (Of course, she had no money and I don't usually enjoy shopping if I can't buy anything!)

On the moving front, remember the offer not to be refused lightly from January? (If you don't, the gist is my uncle was supposed to come out for a visit and offered to help me move if I found a place. Well, I had just started my job and didn't have any money, and my mom said she'd give me the money to put down on an apartment.) My uncle didn't come after all, and my mom didn't come home until April and her financial situation has changed since January, so I didn't know if the deal still stood. Well, my mom brought up the subject of moving the other day so I asked if it still stood. She said they usually want first, last and security and she said she'd pay 2 of them. Good enough for me! That's less money that I have to come up with! She also told me when my brother moved out she took him to Target to get basic things like dishes and kitchen utensils and stuff like that and she'd let me spend the same amount he did. July 1 just may be doable to look at apartment listings....the only catch in the July 1 plan is my mom won't be here so we'd have to work out the money somehow.


At 9:43 PM, Blogger Jill in CA said...

I really hope the moving out works out for you in the very near future! I hope your mom does indeed follow through.

Thanks (to you and the others ;) ) for the "free therapy" yesterday. I slept nine hours straight last night for the first time in I don't know how long! I hope the next get-together is not too far off.

At 7:28 PM, Blogger prokidchristian said...

Yeah! I hope you are able to move by July 1st, that would be great for you. Love you lots!


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