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Monday, September 18, 2006


I went to Stateline on Saturday. For those who don't know, Stateline is right on the border between California and Nevada (well, it's on the Nevada side of the border as slot machines are illegal in CA) and has casinos, an outlet mall, buffets, etc. It's a little bit closer than Vegas. My job organized a trip as a fundraiser and I invited a friend to go with me. She likes to gamble and I had little doubt she'd want to go. She did. She may have had a little too much fun!

So the outlet mall was great. And actually cheaper! The outlet mall about an hour or so north of LA is not really that much cheaper. This one was! I went to the Bath & Body Works outlet (Ladies, if you want discontinued scents, this is the place!) and got some Cotton Blossom stuff for my friend, some Warm Vanilla Sugar stuff for me and a sugar scrub. I should have gotten some White Tea & Ginger stuff too, but I didn't. Oh well. I have some still. And if I'm really nice to Anna, I can use hers, lol.

I also went into some other kind of store that had incense and bamboo plants, etc, lots of Asian stuff. I got a very little zen sand garden thing for my desk. I work in a call center, what else is there to do while on the phone than play with the sand? Just gotta not spill it....

The coolest thing maybe was the Michael Kors store! Too bad none of it is likely to fit fluffy me, but for all you Project Runway fans, it's there, and the prices are slightly cheaper than retail. Still too expensive for my little budget, but cool all the same. I simply will not pay $200 for a purse.

And then there's the gambling. This is the real reason Anna went. She wanted to gamble. I left home with $100 in cash, spent about $35 before I got to the casino, and left with $102, so I did well. Anna, not so much. She lost money. I had great fun watching her though. We got back to the bus about 10 minutes early and she couldn't stand not to go back in and play a couple more dollars, so she did. Cracked me up. And then I got to work this morning and found an email asking if I wanted to go to the Indian casino that's much closer to us than Nevada this weekend! I've been laughing over that all day.

On the way home, the bus entertainment was movies. The first one, Take the Lead with Antonio Banderas was very good. We hit our stop in Barstow right near the end of the movie, the driver parked the bus, opened the door, and no one moved. So she paused the movie and everyone yelled! lol! The next movie was Scary Movie 4, and that must be the stupidest movie ever made! Stupid, gross and mildly offensive in parts. I could have gone my whole life without seeing it.

I slept until 11:30 on Sunday, but the day was great fun. Although I'm not sure I'm up for gambling again this weekend....


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