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Friday, September 08, 2006

101 in 1001

Ok, I'm not quite finished with it. I need about 10 more. Any ideas? But here's what I have right now. I started on September 5th, so my 1001 days is up on June 2, 2009.

2. Get a driver’s license

3. Finish Genie’s Blue Blast
4. Finish a Mirabilia other than Elf Fairy
5. Finish Elf Fairy
6. Finish a TW
7. Finish Cherished Rose
8. Finish Prayer 16th Century
9. Finish (well, start) Meadowsweet class
10. Finish gift piece for my mom
11. Finish a gift for Anna

12. Get to under 25 WIPs (from the current 42!)
13. Stitch for at least an hour a night during the week
14. Design and stitch band sampler idea I have
15. Submit said band sampler for publication
16. Enter a piece of stitching in the LA County Fair

17. Learn to knit proficiently
18. Make Sunbonnet Sue quilt
19. Learn temari
20. Learn hardanger
21. Learn to finish stitching in a way besides framing
22. Learn to felt
23. Go to CATS in Hershey (hopefully it still exists by the time I get there…)
24. Host a SoCal gtg
25. Frame and mail gift to Fred
26. Mail overdue exchange piece.

27. Finish NaNoWriMo at least once
28. Finish 2005 NaNo story – at least the rough draft
29. Write a song
30. Enter a writing contest
31. Attend at least one local NaNo event
32. Write an appropriate piece for writing contest
33. Reinstate my paper journal habit

34. Weigh less at end of 1001 than I do now.
35. Wear a smaller size than I do now. (Get out of plus sizes!)
36. Join a gym
37. Learn to use the balance ball/resistance bands I bought
38. Get new glasses
39. Complete at least one 12-week Body-for-Life challenge
40. Get a proper bra fitting
41. Try at least 5 recipes from the BFL cookbook
42. Dress in something nicer than jeans for work at least once a week for a month

43. Learn to make a blinkie
44. Acquire appropriate software to make said blinkie
45. Beat this darn NeoPets game Faerie Caves II
46. Buy a website
47. Learn to maintain and code for said site!

48. Learn to play the recorder in more than 2 keys (ie, learn the flats)
49. Learn to play the piano proficiently

50. Go to Vegas to visit my friends

51. Have a higher credit score than I do today
52. Pay down the principal on my student loans by at least $2000
53. Buy stock in a company
54. Put at least $50 in my savings account each month
55. Save $1 a day and celebrate with it on day 1001
56. Make a budget and stick to it

57. Declutter my desk
58. Get rid of clothes I don’t or can’t wear
59. Get my room completely clean
60. Keep it reasonably clean
61. Do an honest purge of my stuff and get rid of stuff I don’t really need
62. Weed my books and get rid of the ones I won’t read again or don’t need
63. Weed stash and get rid of stuff I’ll never stitch

64. Read the New Testament in order from Matthew to Revelation
65. Read the Old Testament in order from Genesis to Malachi
66. Subscribe to Tabletalk
67. Do Tabletalk for a year.
68. Tithe every month
69. Find a Bible study to join that I can get to and is not studying singleness, dating, marriage, Ruth or Proverbs 31!

70. Post in my stitching blog at least once a week
71. Post in my Xanga blog at least once a week
72. Comment in another stitching blog at least twice a week
73. Comment on another Xanga blog at least twice a week

74. Make Nancy’s Chinese chicken salad recipe at least once
75. Learn to make tiramisu
76. Get an espresso maker
77. Use it instead of frequenting Starbucks

78. Keep my 2 bamboo plants alive
79. Consider the possibility of going to grad school without feeling tired :lol
80. Attempt again to learn Hebrew
81. Get more comfortable speaking Spanish
82. Find out where my dad is buried and go see his grave
83. Buy new sheets for my new bed
84. Solve a hard or very hard sudoku puzzle
85. RAK someone at least 4 times a year, even if it’s just a card
86. Buy a new TV and hook up my DVD player!
87. Buy new tennis shoes. Like soon.

88. Finish this list
89. Post it online
90. Update it as appropriate
91. Make a new list at the end, carrying over unfinished items


At 10:09 PM, Blogger Sue said...

Great list, Laurel! You're on your way.


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