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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Because nice does matter

My last call at work yesterday was from the sweetest man. I helped him with his question, and he complimented me on the way I handled his question - my tone of voice and my knowledge of my job. He told me some of the agents "think they own the world" lol but I was very kind and very effective.

Nice does matter. I know I have coworkers that are curt or condescending or sarcastic or even downright rude with callers, and there's no need for that. Even the angriest caller will usually calm down if the agent is kind to them and doesn't get angry back. I've had angry callers apologize to me at the end and thank me for helping them. And I hate hate hate condescension! I hate condescending callers more than angry callers. I'm not 6. I understand your problem, and I've told you how to solve it. Just because I'm not telling you what you want to hear doesn't mean I don't understand your problem. I don't need you to explain it again. Anyhow, being nice goes a lot farther than being nasty, and I'm guessing that applies to performance reviews as well as dealing with callers!

Today is the gtg at Nancy's. It should be great fun. They always are :) I haven't decided yet exactly what I'm going to take to work on, but I am taking my chessboard because Karen hasn't seen it yet. It seems the showoff factor from that piece never runs out, lol! My current WIP of choice is Enchanter, but that may not be the best candidate for a gtg. I'm thinking what I really should do is take a UFO, my friend's wedding piece in particular. (No pics because I know she reads this blog!) I could probably make a fair amount of progress on it there. If I was really really diligent, I could maybe finish it or get really close. We'll see.


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