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Sunday, September 17, 2006

50 Project Challenge

I don't know what (or if) I'm thinking, but I'm going to jump in and join this challenge. The rules are simple - I can't buy a new project until I have finished 50 projects from my stash. Fabric and threads for existing charts are ok (this is good because I really don't have very much fabric!), just no new charts or kits.

And of course, there are exemptions. I only have 3. The JCS ornament mag, EGA chapter projects and my chapter's fundraiser in January that I still need to pay for. (Note to self: Self, mail check to Carol soon!) The fundraiser was designed and is being taught by Sandy Vanosdall of the Sweetheart Tree! I can't miss that!

OK, I do know what I'm thinking, I'll fess up. I have a serious amount of stash and not so much room to store it all. I've actually packed up a lot of it and put it in the garage simply because it was taking over my room and I just don't have enough space. Kits are particularly problematic, so I think I will pay special attention to getting some of my kits done and out of here. Not really looking forward to replacing fabric in many of them though. Some of the smaller Christmas ones and Daydreams and such, I'll probably just keep the aida. It's not worth replacing it for those. But there's no way I'm starting any more large pieces on aida, so those will be replaced.

I also have 41 current WIPs and several other charts already kitted, so it's really not a problem to come up with 50 projects to do! I am NOT promising I will finish all 41 WIPS with this challenge as many of them are large, but I do hope to cut the net number to under 25 by the end of all this. I'm also not going to list the 50 projects I'm going to do, as frankly, I don't know, but I will add the countdown to my sidebar and list the projects as I complete them.

So....*deep breath here* we go. 50 finishes, here I come!


At 7:56 AM, Blogger Sandy said...

Way to go Laurel!!! You know the old adage....nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I'm not making a list either, I've got some pretty big projects that will take years to finish (they are all done 1 over 1!!!). But like you, it's the journey that is going to be interesting and fun.



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