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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Farewell Everwood....

Last night was the last episode of Everwood. (where's that teary icon?) I'm so sad/angry that it was cancelled. You know, usually I take these things kind of in stride, as it is only a show, but this one made me angry. The CW chose to renew 7th Heaven at the expense of EW. I'm happy 7th Heaven is coming back, but I would rather it have been cancelled than EW.

I think of it this way: When a 100yo man dies, you're sad that he's gone, but he had a long life. When a 40yo man dies, you lament how young he was. 7th Heaven had 10 years, it had run its course 3-4 years ago (as all family shows do - the kids grow up), but the WB held on to it because it was their highest rated show. And the CW chose it over Everwood because of the high ratings the "finale" attracted.

Everwood only had 4 years. It still had lots of story left and lots of potential. TV Guide said it was "The best written, best acted, most compelling" family drama and they also said it was "ridiculously compelling"(that one makes me laugh for some reason!). The ratings were probably not what the brass would have liked, but the viewers are loyal. And now angry because they killed it for some untried show that will probably be cancelled in 4 episodes, and Everwood will still be gone. Matt Ausiello of TV Guide (a big fan of the show) interviewed the top exec at CW and asked why she couldn't keep Everwood for mid-season. She wanted to "try something new" *rolleyes* Lame reason. She went on and on about what a tough choice it was but I don't believe her. If she had wanted to keep Everwood, she could have found a way. Ausiello is right. Mid-season would have been better than complete cancellation.

The last episode was good, but too short. I wanted another 3 years to see Andy and Nina marry, Ephram and Amy's romance continue, Hannah and Bright get back together, Harold and Rose raise their new daughter, Edna move on after Irv's death. And now it's gone. Sigh. When it was over, I cried some, and I wanted to cry more - not because the show was sad, but because I'm angry it's over. But I chastised myself that it was silly to cry over the end of a TV show. So I made myself stop and I watched the finale of Apprentice with my mom, never mind I hadn't watched over half the season and didn't really care who won at that point!

So here I am, mourning Everwood. The only good news out of it is that I made a tiny bit of progress on Enchanter while watching last night. I think I'll work on him some more tonight.


At 5:17 AM, Blogger Lelia said...

I don't watch much on tv to begin with; however, I watched Everwood. Did enjoy the finale, too. Not sure why it was cancelled. I've always enjoyed shows with mature roles. Seems the dumb-head, laugh-trak stuff gets on the air & the thought-out story lines go ka-putt.


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