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Monday, September 25, 2006

St. Anthony comes through again

I found the charts I was missing. They were, of course, exactly where I thought they'd be, I just didn't look carefully enough the first time. And I've managed to kit about 2/3 of the one I intend to start from my stash, so that's good. I ordered the rest online, along with the fabric for JN's Remember 9/11.

I still have not gotten my bed. This is getting ridiculous. I called again today and the girl said she'd try to track it and send it to my email. Nothing yet. Arggg!! I want the darn thing to get here already!

I got an email from a coworker today and he asked when I was going to stitch him a frog. :) I have the perfect one in mind too. I just hope I didn't get rid of the leaflet it's in. I'll have to search for it this weekend, I hope it's down in the garage with the rest of my leaflets, but I have a feeling I may have gotten rid of it. If I don't find it, I guess I'll come up with another frog to do.

Someday. As I told him, my stitching is suffering from neglect these days. A lot of it is waiting on the dumb bed to get here so I have a comfy place to sit! And the rest of it is probably guilt in some form that I'm not very excited about finishing the backstitch on the wedding piece and I've been avoiding it. Maybe I'll pull out Elf Fairy instead. I do want to finish at least one thing before I start the new project. (Secret project, will be a gift for a certain reluctant recipient. She'll complain, but she'll love it and she'll get over the complaining.)


At 10:10 AM, Blogger Sue said...

How is it going with your company there? Did that furniture arrive yet?

Take care, Laurel.


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