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Saturday, September 23, 2006

News flash: Casinos are expensive!

I think I dropped about $100 today, maybe a little more. Anna probably lost a little less because she ended up winning some of hers back. It was fun, for one day, but I told her we are not repeating the adventure next weekend! I can't afford it! Although I swear she would go again if she thought I'd go with her. I told her to take her husband, but he won't go either. Once or twice a year is enough for me. This year, I just happened to go two weekends in a row. My job is repeating the turnaround trip to Stateline Veteran's Day weekend, but I'll probably skip it.

So this is the week I need some good thoughts. My uncle is staying with us for a few days this week and I am not excited about it. It's like having 2 of my mom around, and one of her is plenty! A room at the Summerfield Suites isn't sounding like such a bad idea, but I don't think I will. I don't want to spend the money and it'd probably be more trouble (and lecturing) than it's worth. Besides, I'll be at work a lot of the time, so I hope it will be ok. I just need to stay sane until the end of the week!

I'm still waiting for my futon to arrive. I swear Rome was built faster than this! I ordered it Saturday of Labor Day weekend, and it's still not here. The website says allow about 12 business days. Ummm, Monday will be business day 15. Where is the dumb thing already!! I called yesterday and the girl said the company that makes it is nearly impossible to get a hold of on Fridays, but if I don't have it Monday to call back and she'll track it for me. I hope it gets here soon or I'll be sleeping on an air mattress until my uncle leaves.....


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