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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

She needs help....

I'm still getting emails from Anna wanting to go back to the casino. She cracks me up. We've been twice in 2 weekends and she wants to go again. I'm not quite ready to agree yet. Another friend gave me the idea that there might be other things to do besides gamble there. I looked at the website but there's not really. I'm likely to make her wait until after the new year before I go with her. I know I'm making jokes about her needing help, but they are jokes. I'm not too concerned about it because I know she's just having fun with it, she's not messing up her finances with it.

My uncle is here. I've said exactly 1 sentence to him so far. I got up this morning to go to the bathroom and woke him up, and I said hi, sorry for waking you up. He was sleeping when I left for work and he and my mom are out shopping now and weren't home when I came home.

You all remember Laurel's great cleaning adventure last fall? My uncle did more in one day than I did in 4 months. Now, granted, everything is in boxes, but the stinky area rug is gone, as is the coffee table and 2 way large end tables. This may be the cleanest the living room has been since we've lived here! I saw the tables down in the garage, so I don't know if my mom intends to get rid of them or bring them back. I won't mind if the coffee table comes back, but the end tables need to go. They're too big and lower than the arms of the couch, so they're not even really that useful except to gather clutter and dust. Maybe she's buying new ones now! Although she said they're at Lowes. Hmmmm. I know my uncle is planning to build a storage shed for the garage, so they're probably buying lumber, and we need a new toilet for one bathroom, so maybe they're getting that. And new rugs. Besides that, who knows. Maybe she'll get some functional furniture she can actually store stuff in!

And still no bed. The lady from the place called me today and told me she's been emailing and calling the manufacturer about my order to no avail. She said they're shortstaffed on their internet orders over there and getting ahold of them is almost impossible. She said the owner of her company called the owner of the manufacturer today because I'm not the only one who hasn't gotten my order yet and many of their customers are complaining. No kidding! I could have built the thing myself by now!


At 7:10 AM, Blogger Sandy said...

Don't you just love family!! I've got a few 'characters' in my clan too. LOL

Yayyy on finding the pattern. Isn't that usually the way....right under our very own noses. Maybe we should bells on them so they jingle when we're close! Works for cows and cats!!!LOL

Have a great day and good luck with the Futon.....I think my patience would have had me shopping elsewhere.


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