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Thursday, June 01, 2006

My wizard pulled a disappearing act...

You ever misplace a piece? Go into near panic? Yep, that was me at lunch today. I knew I had brought Magic in Motion to work with me, but I went to get him out at lunch and he was gone. Poof! I was almost positive I had had him on top of my desk this morning, intending to work on him but I never did, and when he wasn't there I checked my drawers. Not in the drawers, not on the desk, not on the floor. There's not that many places to look after that. My desk isn't that big. So I was wandering around the floor looking for it, although I knew it was unlikely someone had taken it. My coworkers told me I must have left it at home. I was almost sure I had brought him, but I was starting to wonder! I even called my mom and asked her to check around for it, but she didn't find it. Drove me crazy all afternoon not knowing where he was!

So around 6, I noticed my bottom drawer wasn't closing correctly. I looked to see what the problem was, and sure enough, there was my wizard pushed behind the drawer. Unfortunately for me, the drawers don't come out. My hand doesn't fit in that little space either. So I grabbed an umbrella I happened to have at work and stuck it back there to try to pull the bag forward. It worked, but I still couldn't get my hand down there to pick it up. So I stuck a piece of tape on the end of the umbrella, put it back down there and pulled the kit up with the tape so I could grab it. Whew! My wizard is now safe and sound!

His cousin, Scarlet Wizard, arrived on my doorstep today courtesy of Ebay :) He's gorgeous! I can't wait to start him, but I think I must hold off for a while. This box of WIPs is just overflowing. I also received the other order I made at ABC Stitch. My current ride on the Wagon (and withdrawal symptoms!) will be made easier by the fact I still have City Dance coming to me via Ebay, plus Chatelaine's Japanese Octagon Box and Remember 9/11 and its supplies are on backorder, so I still have more stash coming to me in the future :)

It's official - tomorrow is my last day on late shift. I report at 8:00am on Monday. I will have to get up earlier, but I don't mind. I will get my behind out of bed at 5:30 and I will be on that phone at 8:00 if it means getting the rest of my life back! I think I will spend the weekend planning what I'm going to stitch with that extra time! So much to stitch, so little time....


At 9:55 AM, Blogger Karoline said...

Glad you found him, we can all be quite resourceful when it's our stitching on the line!

At 7:57 AM, Blogger prokidchristian said...

yeah! I'm so glad you got an earlier shift! Sorry you have to get up so early though.

At 7:59 AM, Blogger prokidchristian said...

yeah! I'm so glad you got an earlier shift! Sorry you have to get up so early though.


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