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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Starting to feel a bit conspired against....

Perhaps by the nemesis of St. Anthony? I don't know. But things keep disappearing on me. A couple weeks ago, my staple remover at work walked away. Then my work badge disappeared. Yesterday my bus pass disappeared. (Luckily it's almost the end of the month, but it still sucks.) And today my hairbrush is missing. My mom has a few things she can't find either. I bet they're all together in some black hole somewhere. Sigh.

I got a Stitchery catalog today. Didn't I say something about moving out? How am I going to do that if I keep ordering stash?! I haven't even gone all the way through the catalog yet, but I've already seen a couple things I want. I may have to get myself crazy-glued to the wagon if I have any hope of moving out! Or of staying on any kind of budget once I do! I suppose it would help if I stitched sometimes too...

Well, I'm tired. I think I'll finish the catalog while my laundry washes, put the clothes in the dryer and go to bed. Zzzzz......I work in a call center. I wonder what it is that's so tiring about that. Maybe it's listening to people complain all day! Because basically I sit on my butt and talk on the phone all day. Perhaps they should hire teenage girls for this job!


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