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Saturday, October 07, 2006

High school reunion

Not mine. My friend's. My class sucked and didn't have one. Although I think there's only about one person in my class I'd like to see. I went with my friend to hers because most of my friends were in her class and her husband would have been bored to tears. He didn't go to school with us and wouldn't know anyone.

It was great to see my friends again. Most of them did come. There were 2 that I most wanted to see and only one of them was there, but that was cool. I was happy to see her and exchange contact info with her. All of us really wanted to see the other girl though. She and I were procrastinating in creative writing class one day because we didn't like the assignment and made up a story about throwing a desk at the teacher just to get out of doing the assignment. The story was hysterical, but no teachers were actually harmed. I came to love this particular teacher later too. I think of him often and hope he's doing well. It's just too bad he's no longer teaching.

I think the only other one who didn't come was the girl who was my closest friend for a few years during and after high school. The reason we aren't friends anymore is a long sad story I won't bore you with. I wonder if she would have said anything to me if she had come. Actually she probably would have. I see her once in a while and she's always polite to me. It's her (used to be our) other friend who isn't.

The reunion seemed to have a very good turnout, probably about a quarter of the class showed. The music was way loud though. They had the award categories of course. The "most kids" category revealed that my friend was the only one in our group who had had a baby yet. She's also been married the longest. I had no idea who most of the other people were. If I had seen their names, I probably would have recognized them, but I didn't recognize anyone else just by sight. Our group was laughing because we mostly look the same. None of us have really changed that much except we've gotten older.

In other news, I'm still obssessing about NaNoWriMo and stalking the boards at their website. And I've been re-reading Chris Baty's book No Plot? No Problem!. Cracks me up. I still have no idea what I'm going to write about, but I'm thinking that I do want to finish my story from last year. I haven't really worked on it since NaNo ended last year, but I really like the story and should finish it. But not for NaNo this year. I need a new story for this year. And I'm still trying to find someone to participate with me! None of my friends seem to be going for it. Except Stephanie. She might.

My local Starbucks is the best! Yesterday, I went to the Starbucks inside the Target, always a mistake. They're sooooo sloooow in there. And they gave me the wrong drink. I asked for a maple macchiato and they gave me marble. Nothing wrong with marble, it's actually very good, it's just not what I ordered. (I didn't know until we had left as I had bought it on the way out.) So today I mentioned it to the barista at my own Starbucks when ordering the drink I actually wanted yesterday, and he gave me the drink for free! Only charged me for the blueberry oat bar. And this store usually gets my order right the first time. They can't spell my name right, but they have quick service and get the order right. If not, they'll make it right without a problem.

No real stitching news. I haven't been doing any. Still don't have my bed yet, and hence no real comfy place to sit. Grrrrr. Maybe I'll call her today, if not then tomorrow and find out the deal. I keep getting told it's been shipped, but FedEx has no record of it. This is beyond ridiculous.


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