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Thursday, April 06, 2006

You can tell a lot about a guy...

By the way he treats women who aren't his wife or girlfriend. Some guys will be really nice to their partner, but then be jerks to other women, either their partner's friends or female coworkers or whatever. I think that sends the message the guy is overall a jerk and the girlfriend better watch out! lol Either that or the girlfriend is insecure or something and he's afraid of starting a fight.

But some guys are just really nice to everyone. I have a coworker like this. He's happily married and loves his wife, but he's not afraid to pay another woman a compliment or have lunch with a group of girls or whatever. He's not flirtatious or anything, he's just a nice guy, and I think he enjoys women. (Good thing, too, my job is about 80% women probably! Social service jobs tend to be like that.) That seems to be a mark of a really good guy - he can be happily married, faithful to his wife, and still treat other women well. I knew a guy in college like this too. I'm not sure I'd want a man who was nice to me but didn't know how to deal with other women in an appropriate way.

On the other side, a pet peeve of mine is women who never have anything good to say about their husbands! My neighbor is like that. It drives me crazy. Everytime I hear her talk about him, she's talking about his faults. He's not handy. He's a packrat. He procrastinates. She married him! There must be something she likes about him! So why doesn't she ever talk about that? My friend's mother was like that too. When I met her, she was married and always talked about what a pain her husband was. Of course, that marriage didn't last long.....

I read a book where the author compared this kind of complaining to having your slip showing. There are some things that just shouldn't be seen in public, like your slip. Or your complaints about your husband's faults. It's one thing if your friend can bring it to your attention in private so you can correct it, but it can be quite embarrassing for an entire group of people to see something that shouldn't be in public view, like your slip. Or your complaints about your husband's faults.

So the route I'm taking to work at the moment gets me there over an hour early. Great, I thought. Time to stitch. Time to eat breakfast and relax before hitting the phones. Riiiight. It worked on Tuesday. I spent about an hour stitching on Elf Fairy. I spent Wednesday morning trying to correct a mistake I made on Tuesday. That, by the way, didn't work. So this morning, they were selling churros and hot chocolate in the lunch room. Great, I'll get a churro and some hot chocolate and work on EF. Wrong! I got to my desk and promptly spilled my hot chocolate all over! So instead of stitching, I spent the hour cleaning up my desk and replacing the papers that were ruined. Sigh. Maybe tomorrow. And definitely next week! I'm expecting my QG fabric this weekend and I WILL be stitching on that next week!


At 7:50 AM, Blogger prokidchristian said...

I used to babysit for this guy who would not come in the house if I was babysitting and his wife was gone. He hardly ever said anything to me even when his wife was there, and if I tried to strike up a casual conversation to avoid awkward silence, he acted uptight. It made me feel like he thought I was the seductress in Proverd or something! I'm very much in love with my husband, and am very careful to never do anything which is in the slightest inappropriate with other men. But some Christian men can be so legalistic that they are just downright rude!


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