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Saturday, August 21, 2004

A Woman's Question

Do you know you have asked for the costliest thing
Ever made by the hand above?
A woman's heart, and a woman's life,
And a woman's wonderful love.

Do you know you have asked for this priceless thing
As a child might ask for a toy?
Demanding what others have died to win
With the reckless dash of a boy.

You have written my lesson of duty out;
Manlike, you have questioned me.
Now stand at the bars of my woman's soul
Until I shall question thee.

You require your mutton shall always be hot,
Your socks and your shirt be whole.
I require your heart be true as God's stars,
And as pure as his heaven your soul.

You require a cook for your mutton and beef,
I require a far greater thing.
A seamstress you're wanting for socks and shirts,
I look for a man and a king.

A king for the beautiful realm called home,
And a man that his maker, God
Shall look upon as he did on the first
And say "It is very good"

I am fair and young, but the rose may fade
From this soft young cheek one day.
Will you love me then, mid the falling leaves
As you did 'mong the blossoms of May?

Is your heart an ocean so strong and true
I may launch my all on its tide?
A loving woman finds heaven or hell
On the day she is made a bride.

I require all things grand and true,
All things that a man should be.
If you give this all, I would stake my life
To be all you demand of me.

If you cannot be this, a laundress and cook
you can hire and little to pay
But a woman's heart and a woman's life
Are not to be won that way.

Lena Lathrop - 100 Best Loved Poems of the American People.

Too bad there aren't more (or any!) men that read my blog. I love this poem. As a single woman, it's a reminder to me to keep my standards high in choosing a husband. It also reminds me that as a woman, I deserve to be more than a cook and housekeeper for a man, although I certainly won't mind doing those things. Asking for a woman's heart and life is something that men should consider soberly and carefully as they aren't toys to be taken or asked for lightly. I would love to get married, but I also require all things grand and true, all things that a man should be. And until I find it, I'm better off being single.

In other news, I got a test date today for the city of Los Angeles :) September 25. I'm excited because if I can get in with either the city of Los Angeles, or the city of Long Beach, I will be able to move out quite easily. I'm so looking forward to that!


At 9:23 PM, Blogger Sarah said...

You sound like you have things in order in your life. I wish I could say the same for myself. I am one of those little statistics that say how many teens are depressed. I do however know what my career is going to be, which is a plus.

At 4:55 PM, Blogger Carleen said...

Good for you for keeping standards..better to be single than be with a scoundrel of a man. That is why I waited to marry the man I did ;)

At 6:05 AM, Blogger Shannon L. said...

Beautiful poem, with a very good message. Really a good message for both sexes, mind you. Thanks for sharing it :)

And I'll definitely be thinking good thoughts on Sept 25th for you !


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