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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

David is found!!

There's rejoicing all over the world this morning! David was found this morning safe, and alive, and asleep. They've taken him to the hospital to be checked out but he should be fine. I'm so happy for Stacey and Robert! Praise the Lord they have their son back.

The stitching community is an amazing place when something like this happens. Most of us have not even met Stacey, or had any contact with her except on the board. Some don't even have that much, they know her through people who know her from another board and brought the story over. But the amount of worry that went on yesterday over this little boy, the number of prayers and good wishes, the emails and phone calls to get the message out, and the amount of hope that David would be found was incredible. And today the amount of joy and tears at the news of his safe return. Everyone should be so lucky to have a community like this supporting them.


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