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Friday, July 30, 2004

Why does it matter??

I'm so tired of a friend telling me "You should work on that Laurel" or "That's not good Laurel". It'd be different if they were major things, but the things she says that about are just personality things that make me different from her. And that's what they all are, things that I don't do the way she does them and it irritates her.

I don't take my purse with me everywhere I go, sometimes I just stick my stuff in my pocket. So what? Why does it matter? What's so important about the darn purse? Just to have it? She takes her purse with her wherever she goes, and it's perfectly organized with everything in place, and all her bill money nice and neat in her wallet. I put my money in my pocket and it gets crumpled. Who cares? It spends the same way.

I spend time on the computer when I should really be stitching, even though I have deadlines on my stitching. That's my problem, not hers, why does it matter to her? I can take care of my own deadlines thankyouverymuch.

My room isn't immaculate, yes, it's downright messy. She doesn't live here, it's not her problem.

I don't like to get up early if I don't have to. If I have a job or some reason to be up early, I'll get up at 6 or whatever. If I don't have to be up, then I sleep in. If I sleep till 10, that's my business. If I can do something later in the day instead of first thing in the morning, I will. Just because she likes to be up at the crack of dawn doesn't mean it's better.

The bottom line is I'm just tired of having my so-called faults pointed out to me all the time. I'm not as disciplined or as neat or as whatever as her. Oh well. It doesn't make me wrong or bad because I'm not like her. If she's looking for a friend who's exactly like her, that's not me! Arrrrgggg!!!


At 10:14 AM, Blogger Carleen said...

Life is too short to hang out with people that you are irritated with or irritate you. Go find yourself a new friend and move on.


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