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Thursday, July 29, 2004

It's Thursday, aka check-in day

Carleen and I are stitching along on the chessboard, and since we both need to be done in October, we've been checking in every Thursday to make sure we're each on track to finish. I'm supposed to do 3 squares (but I usually do them in 4s), 2 patterns and 6 pawns or so each week.

Well, today's Thursday, so here's the official check-in report. I've done 3/4 of a square this week. :( I think I'll have to give up my weekend stitching on Savannah to catch up.

And here's the official status report of my chessboard as of today:
Squares (of 64) 25 complete
Patterns (of 32) 9.75 complete
Pawns (of 88) 6 complete
Knights (of 4) 0
Bishops (of 4) 0

Where's my Justyna math experts? What percent is that?

In other thoughts, I've been thinking this week about how I really don't respect the police in the city I live in. They've earned the nickname the SS for a reason. Plain and simple, they're racist and they have too much time on their hands. I just shake my head and roll my eyes when I see them now.

I live on the main street through town, and I walk from my house to one end or the other nearly everyday. (The street is only 10 blocks long or so and I live on about block 7.) I often see the police hiding out on the side streets looking for speeders or people running stop signs. I swear they're on quotas over there. Today I was walking home and I saw a cruiser parked in the corner of the gas station driveway. The gas station's driveway is on the cross street right up against the sidewalk of my street. There's a city planter there with a tree and light posts and such that he was hiding behind, just waiting for someone to run that light or go by too fast or something.

I've also often seen them while they have someone they've pulled over, and I've made a practice of trying to check out the race of the person in the car. They are never white. This town used to be all white, and now is still mostly white but getting a little more mixed, but apparently the cops haven't caught up with the times. They routinely pull over minorities for who knows what reason. My mom and I have started instructing minority friends who come by to go out toward the airport end of town and not through the downtown area cuz they'll be pulled over.

Maybe that cop at the gas station was waiting for a black person or a Hispanic person to go by, because everyone knows, anyone of a minority in this town has to be up to no good, so find a legit sounding reason to pull them over! :\ If you don't have one, make one up. Pedestrians in the crosswalk, rolling stop, anything will do, as long as they get the message they aren't welcome here and the cop gets closer to his quota. Oh, yes, and if you see them regularly, like should they work here, make sure to come up with a new reason to bother them each week. That really sends the message home.


At 12:47 PM, Blogger Carleen said...

Oh yes, I forgot about the Thursday check in..will have to post that next week :)


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