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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

It's official...

No, I'm not a thread killer. Much. But apparently I'm officially back on the board of my EGA chapter. I did hospitality for over 2 years, gave that up about 18 months ago. Last month, I volunteered to take on the newsletter as the girl doing it has desperately been trying to let it go for several months. I guess it's official because my inbox is once again full of board emails!

I haven't actually started doing the newsletter yet, I'll probably start with the February issue, but let me get some ideas from you all on fun things to include. I did hear a request from our president to bring back freebie charts. I know you all know where to find those! Any other thoughts on things to put in there?

My New Years start ended up being Bent Creek's Summer Arches. I didn't get a great start on it, but it was decent.


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