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Sunday, November 26, 2006

I'm still alive

My church family and pastor were beginning to wonder, so I'll let you all know too. Yes, I'm still here, if somewhat distracted and absent. I've been doing some writing and spending time on some other sites, so I haven't been around the BBs as much, and I think I missed like 4 or 5 Sundays in a row at church.

This morning my pastor mentioned he had called 4 times. I didn't get 4 messages. I got 2. I guess he would have liked me to call him back. If I had gotten 4 messages, maybe I would have, but I didn't because I made a point to be there today. And I suspect my other friend said something to him about me because she had started calling me too and in the 14 years I've belonged to his church, he's never called me because I missed church. Of course, I've been missing a lot more church than I normally do, so maybe that's part of it too.

Anyway, I went this morning, and it was nice to see everyone. It was nice to know people noticed I hadn't been there. It's nice to be missed, it made me feel loved. One of the women has been having some incapacitating health issues and it was nice to see her looking relatively normal, playing the piano and caring for her kids. I sat and played with her baby for a little bit this morning, he's so cute. I have several women that I make a point of talking to each week, and I saw all of them. One of them was sitting behind where the pastor sits, so I sat in his seat so I could talk to her. He came over and asked me if I was going to preach. I was quite glad to move next to my friend and let him do the preaching!

As for NaNo, I'm up to 17K, but I got a bit distracted and haven't worked on it for a while. I've been doing some other writing, but NaNo has suffered.


At 2:05 AM, Blogger Sandy said...

Laurel, there is no nicer feeling in the world than being missed. Glad to know that you are okay and life's just getting in the way. Sounds like you are making great progress on your writing....way to go!!!!


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