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Friday, October 27, 2006

Happy happy Friday! It's over in most parts of the world, but not here, so happy Friday. I love Fridays. I almost love Friday more than Saturday. On Friday you have the whole weekend to look forward to. On Saturday, it's half gone already. Sigh.

Today at work I decided my supervisor just can't take any more days off. I need her there! (OK, I admit it, I actually like my supervisor.) At this point, besides her, I'm about the most experienced person on my team. There's one girl who came in with me, and the only guy ahead of us is about to transfer out. The other girl was also off today, the guy has been sick all week, so I was the go-to girl today for questions. It seems like every time I got off the phone, someone had a question. And then someone else had a question. It took me 20 minutes to put notes on my own call because I kept answering questions!

That was ok, made me feel important, lol, except when I had a question! Or when I was trying to get a decent amount of calls in for the day. I did ok on call volume in the end, it was just by sheer luck that I had several very quick calls to make up for the call I spent 40 minutes on this morning. And for help, I went to the other supervisors.

So my supervisor lost her backup supervisor (BUS) last month, she transferred out. With the other guy (natural choice for the job) transferring out too, she's in the market for a new backup. She mentioned it last month at our meeting, so at our meeting this week we asked her about it. She said she hadn't chosen yet, she was still considering. I suppose when everyone on the team is still on probation, it's a difficult process. So that same day, right before lunch I was in her office picking up some prints and she asked me if I knew how to do something in particular. Yes. So she gave me an afternoon's worth of work that smacked distinctly of basic BUS duties. Methinks I'm in the running for BUS. Stay tuned....

The great advantage of BUS is you don't have to take calls while you're on BUS mode. So you can answer all the questions you want without trying to manage your own stats! I guess the downside is sometimes you get to do the call backs to angry clients on behalf of the supervisor. Not so much fun.


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