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Saturday, October 14, 2006

I'm on my way!

I officially have my first of 50 finishes! Woohoo! This is MH's Ice Skates ornament. Clever name for it, huh? lol. I finished it tonight.

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I like these beaded ornaments. They're quick, they're easy and the fully beaded ones are a nice break from regular cross stitch. Just perfect for the quick finish fix.

In the spirit of Halloween, my next project might be Checkers the Pumpkin by Pam Kellogg. Halloween Fairy would do too, but that's going to take too long. And I really want to finish Elf Fairy before I get into Halloween Fairy. (Yes, I'm still slogging along on EF. Well, not slogging. More like not stitching. Haven't put a stitch in her in months.)


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