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Saturday, December 30, 2006

50 project challenge

Well, I'm still only one finish in to my challenge, but I've come up with a list of projects to finish and put towards the challenge in 2007. And it may well take me all of 2007! They are:

Current WIPS
Maidens of the Seasons I (or maybe Savannah's Curtsy instead)
Genie's Blue Blast
Prayer 16th Century
Christmas Elf Fairy (Yes, I'm still slogging along on her!)
Ohio Map
Cherished Rose Wedding Record (Hit a snag on this one...I can't find it! I was going to make it my first finish of 2007. It may be at work...)

New starts
MH Charmed Stocking
MH Snow Charmer
Sweetheart Tree I Love Strawberries

Plus a New Year's day start and a birthday start. My NYD start might be SB's Heart Blooms. That's looking like the best candidate right now, but I'm not feeling the excitement, so I think tomorrow I'll go rummage in the garage and see what else I find. I don't want another large project, so I'm trying to stick to something small-to-mediumish. Scarlet Wizard was tempting, but he's huge! Janlynn's Summer Sampler is also tempting, but I don't have fabric to replace the aida, and again, it's kinda large. SB's Emmanuel's Song might be a good pick. Hmmmm. I love that piece too. I remember Road To Bethlehem only took Annette like 17 hours, so I imagine ES is comparable...maybe a little longer. (And yes, Annette, I have a knack for remembering odd bits of info like that!)

As for the birthday start, I have no idea. Get back to me around mid-July for that.


At 9:46 PM, Blogger Sandy said...

Laurel, the Challenge is not a race and you shouldn't feel bad about what isn't done. Just look at all the projects that ARE getting your attention. I think you're doing fabulous and I can't wait to see some of these projects.
Encouraging Hugs,


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