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Saturday, April 01, 2006

I just have a question for any BBer who knows the answer. I'm not trying to start a debate or an argument and I'm not making any judgments about anything. There's just a piece of information that apparently everyone somehow found out, and I don't understand where it came from. So here it is: Where did the information that Laura's death was a suicide come from? I first heard it from some BBers, and I've seen some references to it in various blogs and BB posts, but I don't know where it was first reported. I didn't see it in her husband's blog until this past week, so how did it become public information and how did I miss it? Thanks for your help.

In other news, as I've posted on the BB, I think I've figured out my stitching slump. There's just no comfortable place to sit in my house to stitch! I've gotta finish clearing off the bed because I'm starting to dearly miss my stitching. Especially since I'm anxious to start the Quaker gameboard. I can't wait!

I found an old printout of my StRIP list, and I've made no progress on it in a year. In fact, it's gotten longer! So I'd like to start shrinking that list down a little, or at least changing the contents some, lol. I have about 10 projects I'm dying to start. (Check out the Rotation board link on the right if you're not familiar with StRIPping.)

I went into the furniture store today for an update on my table. The lady said they've built the table, and they're building the removeable part that goes on top. She said they should finish with that maybe tomorrow, and then she has to order the glass. I might have it by the end of the week! :) Although chances are I won't be able to get it until Saturday, since I won't get home until 8.

On Monday, I'm starting my new work schedule. I'm not really looking forward to it. 10am-6:30pm. It wouldn't really be so bad if I was driving, but in order to get there on time, I have catch the bus at 7:30am! I'll get there at 9, so I'll have an hour to kill, but I'd rather spend that hour asleep or at home doing stuff, instead of hanging out at work. But I guess that hour counts as built in stitching time or something, lol. And getting home, I'm not sure how that's going to be. I'm going to be able to get a ride part of the way, but I still probably won't get home until 8 because of the way the bus to my house runs.

The good news, though, is that there's a class of new CSOs coming in behind me, and I've been told that there's going to be a class behind them. The new CSOs are generally assigned that shift (that's how I got it!), and with so many people transferring out and moving around, I may be able to move to an earlier shift in May or June. I sure hope so!

And here's my weird call story of the week. I got a call from a custodial mother. I'll call her Mom A. Her child's father has a case with her, and a case with another mother. I'll call her Mom B. So Dad has orders for both cases. He makes a partial payment, and the money allocates proportionally between the cases. Mom A gets about $10 and Mom B gets about $50, since she has the larger order. Mom A knows for a fact that Dad and Mom B are living together, and after some research, I'm able to confirm that they probably are. I spoke with a coworker and my supervisor, and we all agreed this case should be closed. He's essentially getting back most of the money he's paying out and this poor Mom A is getting almost nothing! We consulted another coworker who is very familiar with procedures, and she said we could refer it to the division for review, but they won't close it. What?!? Why not? They're totally working the system. I called Mom A back and told her to go into the division to make a fuss about it. I hope they will take some sort of action, because that is just wrong. I feel bad for Mom A, her payments aren't even enough to buy a meal for a family of 3.


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