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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The best things about moving out

The house isn't full of boxes. (There's a few strays laying around still, but I can see the floor and they haven't overtaken the function of any room!)

The sinks, drains and all associated plumbing work correctly.

I can go in the kitchen and cook something and not have to clean the kitchen first.

I can clean the kitchen in under an hour.

I can use the dining room table at will, and not have to clear the top of it or around it in order to be able to sit at it.

No one has bladder control issues here.

I can have company over on a moment's notice. They can even spend the night!

I have a comfy place to stitch, although I haven't managed to take advantage of this perk yet.

I can hang stuff on the wall. Like my stitching. I have 4 pieces of my stitching displayed so far. And in the event I get this quilt done, I'll hang that too.

Living on my own is great, I must say. Still not crazy about having to pay the bills by myself, but I suppose no one is. I do what I want, I watch what I want, spend as much or as little time on the computer as I want, be as messy or as neat as I want, and my food doesn't disappear on me.

Ah, freedom.....:)


At 1:47 PM, Blogger Rani said...

Sounds like you are enjoying your new found freedom! =)


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