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Friday, January 19, 2007

101 update

I updated my list yesterday. I'm making progress!

#1 Move out! Happening today and tomorrow! Woohoo! I got a 1 bdrm apartment about 10 miles from my mom.

#54 Have a higher credit score. The need for this was completely tied to moving out. Hard to get a place with a low credit score. Really the only thing on my report is my student loans, and I had gotten in a program with the collection agency to fix the delinquent status and it worked! My score went up like 150 points, and I was able to get my apartment.

#57 Put at least $50 in savings each month. I have $100 coming out of my checking account each month and going in to savings. I'm going to leave it at $100 for now, but I might cut it back to $50 at some point.

#86 Buy a new TV and hook up my DVD player. I bought the new TV the day after Thanksgiving. The DVD player will get hooked up at my apartment :) (And yes, this is the half!)

Next up will probably be some of the weight loss related ones and a few of the stitching/crafting ones.


At 3:35 AM, Blogger Sandy said...

Yayyyyy you on finding a place and getting ready to be on your own!!! Laurel, if you don't mind me being so bold...ignore your mom! Seems to me she is projecting on you what she doesn't/won't do for herself and you become the target. You are a wonderful, caring and warm person. Next time she says you're complaining.....look her straight in the eye and say "I'm not you, I am me and if you can't be happy with that, please be quiet!"
Wonderful thing about opinions, it's like bellybuttons, everyone has one but they don't do anything.(wink)
Sounds like you've worked out a reasonable and solid plan for the immediate future and this is fantastic!!! You go girl!


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