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Thursday, March 30, 2006

The best news I've heard all day...

And it's sorta sad that this is the best news (well, other than the fact it's payday:))! The Blue Line is fixed and running on regular schedule! Woohoo!! I've mentioned in a few places recently that there was an accident on the tracks in the early morning of March 20. A car went off the edge of the freeway, hit the power lines that run the train, and landed on the tracks. Of course, on hitting the power lines, the car exploded and the 3 people inside died.

So it's taken them nearly 2 weeks to repair the tracks and the power lines. In the meantime, only every 3rd train ran most of the way, but heaven help you if you needed to go all the way to Long Beach, which is past the area of the accident if you start in Los Angeles. Only every 6th train or so was running all the way to LB. Hence the trains have been extremely crowded. And people don't understand the concept "there is no more room." "Ya, I can see there's no room, but we're going to cram 5 more people on anyway!" *rolleyes* "And besides that, I'm going to cram my full size stroller on the train because I don't want to hold my child and fold my stroller up!" Where's the clue by 4 when I need it?

The morning wasn't so bad. The train being jammed was irritating and uncomfortable, but I was getting to work on time. What I hate is getting home later. The trains running slower meant I missed the last bus I take home, which means I get home 30 mins later. I hate that! I'm starting to feel like I come home, eat, go to bed and get up and go back to work!

So I'm happy it's fixed.

So I got my Quaker Gameboard and thread in the mail yesterday.:) I can't wait to start! But I need to settle on some fabric first. I wish my LNS didn't suck these days. I'd like to be able to do a floss toss instead of having to rely on the computer screen. I might get the chance to go to a different shop this weekend, so if she's still open (the woman who runs it must be 80 now) maybe I can buy it from her.

I was trying to look at it in fabric viewer, but eliminating the fabric on the pic isn't the same as doing it on a Mirabilia. Either that, or I don't know what I'm doing. I'm guessing the latter is the case! Anyone know how to do this? I have Corel Draw.

I found a new site tonight, courtesy of EGA's magazine, NeedleArts. looks like a fledgling design company that started with Jewish designs and is moving into folk art. I'm particularly fond of the Hebrew Alphabet sampler.

I got an invitation to my cousin's wedding yesterday. I think I will not be attending. In fact, I don't think my mother is going either. I'd have to fly to Ohio for the wedding, and I'm just not doing it. The extent of my conversation with this cousin at our grandmother's funeral last year was to introduce me to her fiance. In 2002, we went to the screening of her film school project. There was a reception at her house afterwards, and she totally ignored me, my brother and our 2 other cousins for her friends and her mother's side of the family. So I think I will save my money on this one....

Last thing. It's not racist to enforce immigration policies! It's
not white supremacy repackaged. It's national security and national sovereignty. Every country in the world controls their borders but us. And we've got to get control, end of story.


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