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Thursday, March 16, 2006

I swear I have a sign on my phone...

It says "I'm new here! If you have a weird question or difficult case, talk to me! I don't know what I'm doing!" I got all kinds of weird calls today. If you've been on and off welfare 10 times, had your kids in and out of foster care or switched custody every other year, I'm your friendly child support worker! I feel like I'm taking 30 mins on calls that should last 5. That might be just my own perception, and I suppose if my supervisor doesn't say anything, I shouldn't worry, huh?

My friend told me something funny today. She's my mom's age, and she doesn't pick up her home phone until the machine comes on and she can hear who it is. She told me last time I called her at home, her husband heard it was me and told her "Hey, your daughter is on the phone!" lol. I see his point though. She's a good friend and she helps me out a lot. Lectures me sometimes too, lol.

Reminds me of another incident several years ago, although I didn't find that one so funny. I used to be friends with a couple that later divorced, and after the divorce, I kept in touch with both of them for a while. The last time I called him, his roommate answered the phone and told him "Your girlfriend is on the phone!" I was NOT his girlfriend, although I suspect he was trying to make it that way. I don't talk to him anymore.....too many weird things going on over there...

I guess that's all I have to say for tonight. Except that I'm darn glad tomorrow is Friday! I just wish I had the day off. Sigh. Happy Friday everyone!


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