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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Pushed out of the nest....

No, not that nest, for all of you on move-out watch. I'm not moving out quite yet. The trainee nest. The learning curve on my job is somewhat high, so they train you for about 2 months before they expect you to start handling calls on your own. Well, my 2 months is about up, and after about 2 weeks of having someone sitting with me and listening while I take my calls and answering questions, my supervisor made me fly solo today. It was a little freaky, and I asked lots of questions of lots of coworkers (patient bunch! But they all learned the same way.) but I did it. Yay for me!

Of course, since today was my first day on my own, I got all the weird calls. I got 2 calls involving another certain county that apparently doesn't believe in waiting until the case is all the way transferred before starting to collect. These poor men are being charged by 2 different counties for the same case, which is an absolute no-no, and they're quite right to be upset.

And my favorite call of the day involved a call I took yesterday. The call yesterday was grandma, who has the child, saying she wanted the case against her daughter closed. One of our systems was down all day, and I needed to do more research before I could close her case, so I let her know I would research and close the case once I verified my information. This morning, my coworker told me to call her back and have her submit the closing request in writing. So I called and the woman who answered the phone was not the woman I spoke to yesterday! The woman I spoke to yesterday was the daughter impersonating her mother. But since she could verify her mom's information, I had no way of knowing that. Needless to say, Mom was quite upset and let me know she did NOT want her case closed by any means! This job is never boring, I'll say that!

I discovered a new timewaster site. Lots of free games. My favorite at the moment is Cyber Box. I'm working on beating level 11. I also liked Chain Reaction. Simple, but interesting game. I downloaded the game Coffee Tycoon as well, and find that interesting, but frustrating sometimes. The goal of the game is to attract a million customers to your Starbucks-type coffee shop. But you get very little control over the circumstances. The computer generates the circumstances that drive your business and income up and down. You can't control prices or anything, just menu and staff. But I'll probably keep playing. Can we say too much time on my hands?


At 8:02 PM, Blogger ahsila said...

I think its awesome that your are out of the trainee nest. Now you get the chance to really work. :-) Good luck!


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