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Monday, November 29, 2004

The cleanup continues...

My mom and I spent most of the Thanksgiving weekend cleaning our house. I focused on the kitchen and made great progress. The left side of the kitchen is almost functional now. The dishes are clean and in the cabinet, the counter is clean, the sink is empty, it's great. The right side still needs some cleaning and scrubbing, but it looks better too. I ran who knows how many loads of dishes, with a few still to go. I still need to clean out the cabinets, take care of an issue with the dryer and mop the floor. After Christmas we're going to buy a new stove, as ours doesn't work that well. Everything in the darn house is an odd size, but the neighbor recently found a place that has the right size stove so we'll get one there. I can't wait to be able to cook and bake again!

We also spent a lot of time doing laundry, like 20 loads. We did 5 or 6 loads of things to take to Goodwill, which we did. Then we did 13 or so loads of our own clothes, towels, sheets, nearly everything. My mother swears that every pair of socks she owns are clean except the ones she was wearing, lol. We both got some "new" clothes out of the deal though. I found my very comfy Pooh nightgown :)

Next on my mom's agenda is the back bedroom, but I think next on my list will be the living room, although how I'm going to do that without her help I don't know. But I swear I'm going to have a Christmas tree this year, and I'll put it in the middle of the kitchen if I have to!

Somewhere amid all this cleaning and working I need to find time to stitch. My last RR ornie mailing is supposed to be today, but I'm not done yet. And my chessboard, which has now been extended for the 2nd time, is due in 2 weeks and I've made very little progress in the last 5 or 6 weeks. I was also going to stitch my uncle a Christmas present but that may have to wait until next year or just be late. I don't think I'll be able to get it done for this Christmas, which is really a shame since we're going to Ohio the day after Christmas and I could see him open it. I know he'll love it, I just need to find time to do it.


At 9:18 PM, Blogger Erica said...

Laurel, that is SO nice of you to help clean your mom's house!!! What a project though! Good luck with it! The Container Store has great stuff to help you get organized.


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