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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Wow, long time no blog!

I can't believe it's been a month, but then again I can. My compuer gave out on me about 2 weeks ago, sigh. I've spent some money trying to fix it, but now I'm at the point where I think I'll just buy a new one. It's just not worth spending any more money on at this point. But since I can only get online at work or at the library, I haven't been online as much, and I haven't been posting on the BBs or blogging as much. My poor RR board is being run by the mods at this point, lol, and I've had to ask my co-mod to take over for QotD for a bit. She's been great.

I'm still at my same temp job at the law firm.'s sooooo boring, and I'll be glad when it's either over or I can move to a different project. I tolerate it because the paycheck is handy, but other than that I could do without it.

In more positive job news that I haven't publicized online yet, I got 2 interview offers this week from the city of Long Beach! :D One from the police department and one from the Long Beach harbor department. I called them both, and I have an interview for the harbor department scheduled for December 7th. Wish me luck!

I also talked to the police department, but I've decided to think about that one and call her back on Monday, because they're hiring for the swing and graveyard shifts and I'm not excited about either one. I worked swing for a year, and it really messes with your schedule. I'm not anxious to go back to it. Transportation is also an issue until I can get my license, because the buses do quit running at night, so I'd probably need my mom to drive me one way or something, and I don't imagine she's going to be excited about driving to Long Beach at midnight....

So this whole work thing has really cut into my stitching time too. I've done very little stitching in the past month, and that's not good. I still need to finish Janine's ornament, and I really need to finish the chessboard. I thought that not having a computer would help, lol, but it didn't really.

So that's my life for the past month. I'll try to keep this a bit more up to date than I have been....thanks for reading :)



At 7:50 PM, Blogger Cat said...

It's great to see you, L! I've missed chatting with you, so I hope you'll be online regularly again soon! ;)

In the meantime, take care and good luck with the job interview!

At 12:38 PM, Blogger Christine said...

Best of luck with the job interview, Laurel!! I hope you're able to find a new computer soon. I'm looking forward to seeing how the chessboard is coming along.


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