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Friday, March 04, 2005

Baby Destiny and Paul Howard

Anyone live in Fulton County GA?

Baby Destiny Ashe was 5 weeks old when her mother, Carissa Ashe, shook/beat her to death in 1998. The mother confessed to killing her daughter.

Paul Howard is the DA in Fulton County, GA, who took 6 years (!) to prosecute this woman for murder, and then let her off with an agreement to get her tubes tied. No jail time, no probation, nothing. So an innocent baby is dead, and this irresponsible, drug-addicted woman is still walking around free because the DA doesn't care enough to pursue the case. Who really cares about a dead baby anyway? Sigh.

What's more, this woman has given birth to 2 more children between 1998 and her deal to get her tubes tied, bringing her grand total to 8 drug-addicted children, by 8 different men. 4 are in state custody, 2 are living with grandma, one ran away or is otherwise missing, and baby Destiny is dead. Clearly, this woman, Carissa, should not be having more children, but more than that, she killed her infant daughter and confessed to it. There's no reason why the DA shouldn't be pursuing a conviction and putting her in jail.

Apparently DA Howard is newly re-elected, and apparently he has a long record of ignoring cases like this. I wonder what exactly he does prosecute. There is a legal group down there starting proceedings to get him recalled. Good! As a resident of California, I can tell you recalls work! If you live in Fulton County, or if you'd just like to comment on this situation, I'd love to hear from you.


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