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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

I'm back! For now anyway....

My poor neglected blog. Without a computer at home, it's just hard to find time to do this. But here I am again, I'll try to do better at keeping up. I seem to be saying that a lot. The lack of computer access is really making my online commitments hard to keep!

So I'm still out of a job. I've been temping since the end of October and that's going pretty well I guess. I was glad when we got off the docketing project we were doing and on to something a little more interesting. I've been starting to do some QC too, so that's encouraging. I noticed they tend to keep their QCers and such employed a little more often than the rest, so that can mean more reliable work.

Stitching wise, I did a lot in January. I StRIPped 4 projects from my list and finished 2 ornaments. Then February hit and along came the afghan CAL on the Wagon board. I bought all the yarn for that, as well as the yarn for a poncho, so I've been crocheting in February. I'll probably go back to stitching soon, but I think I'll tweak my rotation list. I'm not terribly excited about any of the projects I left off with.....

Which brings me to another problem I've been having this week. I'm on an off time with the temp job, hopefully it won't last too long. They didn't collect our security badges so it shouldn't, but I'm finding that staying home is just really boring! I haven't felt like stitching or crocheting. I did buy a new desk, put it together and rearrange my room to make it fit. Then I did some reorganizing of my room and I need to finish that. (The main problem is I don't know how to store my stash!) And I could always do something about a job. But I just don't feel like doing any of those things. So I spend a lot of time watching TV and playing around with my recorder that I recently dug out, but overall I'm bored. Never thought I'd be hoping to go back to work soon!

Speaking of the recorder, I found mine from 2nd grade, when they make you learn to play it. It's been great fun. I remembered some of the basic fingering, and found some fingering charts online to fill in the rest, especially the flats and sharps and I've been doing pretty well, considering I've never had a lesson and haven't played in 20 years. I've been using the psalter my church uses and I've found some interesting things about the psalms in there. Several of them are set to familiar tunes or pieces of classical music and it's fun to find a tune I recognize. I also pulled out some praise music and I've discovered that's very boring to play compared to the psalms or hymns. A lot of praise music is set to very simple, repeated melodies with only 4 or 5 notes. (I knew a man in college who refered to praise music as 7-11 music. You repeat the same 7 words 11 times!)So while it may sound great on a piano where you can play several notes at once, on a recorder or violin where you only get one note at a time for the melody line, it's very boring. There are performance arrangements done for various instruments, so perhaps I'll be able to find one to do at the church Christmas program.

Oh, before I go, I found a steal today in the library book sale. The complete DMC Encyclopedia of Needlework :)


At 7:56 PM, Blogger Cat said...

It's GREAT to see you back! I've missed your blog!

At 6:30 AM, Blogger Maggie Ann said...

Well, thats great you are practising your music. First time visitor to your blog : ). That was a wonderful buy on the DMC Ency. Good for you. I've been looking for something having bullion rose instructions in it and have found just what I need, but am putting it on my Christmas list (perhaps) as its $27. Ouch! Hope work picks up for you and things turn out well. God can work it all out is my belief : ).


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