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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Christmas is not a dirty word

Contrary to what the ACLU and several school districts and employers (ahem Macy's!) around the country would like us to believe, Christmas is not a dirty word. Merry Christmas is a perfectly acceptable greeting. Millions of people around the world celebrate Christmas on December 25th, either in a religious context or a context of giving and family. So why the objection to the greeting Merry Christmas?

The ACLU is backwards. Religion is not pornography. And it's not even all religion they're trying to put beneath pornography. It's Christianity and Christian holidays. Schools are free to put on programs about Hannukah and Ramadan and Kwaanza and nary a word from anyone. But sing a song about Jesus's birth or mention God and you'd think the sky was falling!

The ACLU fought the passage of the Children's Internet Protection Act, which was meant to protect children from accessing pornography on public computers. Sure, let your 7yo look at pornography, no problem, but if he says Merry Christmas to a classmate in school, woe to him!

Heaven forbid anyone should be offended! The US grants many and wide freedoms to us, but the right not to be offended isn't one of them. If a person is not Christian or doesn't celebrate Christmas for whatever reason, that's their right. But it's not their right to tell me I can't make reference to a holiday I celebrate. I don't have the right to tell them not to celebrate whatever holiday they choose just because it may offend me or I may disagree, and neither do they.

No one says Merry Christmas in an effort to convert someone. It's simply a friendly greeting meant in good will at a certain time of year, the same as hello or have a nice day and there's nothing wrong with it.

So say it loud and say it proud. Merry Christmas.


At 7:36 PM, Blogger Cat said...

I was just dealing with the same type of PC issue today.

I spent all day at my childrens' school putting up the "holiday trees" in the lobby. One teacher, who is making ornaments for the tree was informed that she cannot make Ojos de Dios ornaments - they will have to be called Mexican holiday ornaments.

I'm tired of it.

At 12:30 PM, Blogger Lynn said...

And a "happy birthday" to you.

It's not your birthday? Oh. Well, it's not my Christmas.

I'm not trying to disagree with you. What you say makes sense in many ways. I'm just trying to demonstrate how out of contect the greeting is to some of us.

And while you may not be interested in telling me that I can't celebrate my own religious (non-Christian) traditions as I choose, there are a LOT of people who are more than willing to do so. Trust me.

At 1:03 PM, Blogger Laurel said...

Lynn, I understand what you're saying. But what do you do if someone mistakenly says "happy birthday" to you when it's not your birthday? You take it the way it was intended, right? Their intent is to wish you well, not to offend you, and you graciously correct them, not chew them out or sue over it. People in Macy's or whatever store have no way to know you don't celebrate Christmas, and their intent is simply to wish you well, not to force their beliefs on you or deprive you of your holiday.

And yes, I totally understand about people trying to stop you from celebrating your holidays....


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