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Monday, September 20, 2004

Last week in review

I haven't posted for a week, so here's a quick catch up of all the things I should have posted.

Job search - I took the typing test for the city of Long Beach on Tuesday. It was easy, I know I passed. I should get my band letter early next week sometime. I hope I got in a high band, since they hire from the top down!

I also had to keep an appointment with EDD in order to keep my UI. Grrrrr. I got there, waited 15 minutes for her and I'll give you an approximate transcript of the meeting:

Her: Hi Laurel. We've brought you in today just to make sure your resume is listed in CalJobs. Have a seat.
I sit down
Her: Your social security number please?
I give it to her, she puts it in the computer
Her: Oh, your resume is here and I see you updated it today!
Me: Yes, I updated it before I came.
Her: Well, that's all we really needed, thank you for coming in.

Grrrrrr! They couldn't have had me call in for that? They have my SSN on record, they couldn't have looked at it themselves and called me in if they didn't see it? I had to go in to their office, not in a wonderful part of town and not convenient for me, for that?

The last job related note is that I had an interview on Friday. It's with a magazine publisher and they need help in their circulation department. I think the interview went well enough, and I'm expecting to hear from her at the end of this week or the beginning of next week. Although in my experience, they don't really call you to tell you no. But I would like to think she'll call and offer me a job. Watch this space!

Stitching - what's that? September has been a slumpy month for me. Today is the mailing date for the ornament RR and I've yet to finish Justyna's ornament. I've also yet to touch the chessboard this month and I really couldn't afford not to. I'll have to buckle down on that to finish on time or close to on time. I was glad to see in the GCC rules that you have up to 30 days after the deadline for the teacher to receive your pieces. I don't intend to take nearly that long, but it's nice to know it's not a disaster if I'm not done exactly on October 30.

I did spend this weekend going through my stash, first counting UFOs and then counting WIPs. I came up with 13 UFOs, 3 of which have now gone up for adoption. I came up with 33 WIPs, which includes the remaining UFOs. Some of them have been sitting around for several years and are really embarrassingly close to being done. After I finish the chessboard and my uncle's Christmas gift, I'll have to sit down and come up with a plan to StRIP some of these pieces next year. That will demand a post of its own here at some future point.

Let's all please keep a good thought for the Mumaw family this week as they move from Missouri to Utah. I hope they have a safe trip and that Carleen gets back online soon! ;) We miss you Carleen!


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