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Monday, September 13, 2004

Wagon? What wagon?

I wasn't on a, that wasn't me! Ok, maybe it was me. But it's a very crowded place these days, so if I happened to have tip-toed off for a few minutes, I'm sure the others appreciated the space.

My mom and I went to the Women's Expo in Orange County today. Which happened to be held down the street from Needlepoints Ltd, so I managed to wrangle a trip there out of the deal. The store is huge! My LNS would fit at least 4 times in there, probably 5. And she has everything you could ever want - except Long Dog Samplers and the Tour Des Marques - couldn't find those. I got TSL's "You Better Watch Out" and the JCS ornament issue. I put TDM on order since she was out, she's going to mail it to me. :) So I made a minor step out of the wagon, but I've already confessed to Sister Carleen and have been forgiven.

What she doesn't have, and I knew this going in but my mom was shocked, is customer service skills. Brusque is being nice. The man that was working with her was nice enough, but I couldn't help but feel he was afraid I was going to destroy his shop or something. He kept asking if he could help me find something if he saw I was staying in one spot too long.

The ornament issue is wonderful this year. I was much more impressed with it than with the BH&G issue or the past 2 issues of it. I think I'll have to devote more time to ornaments next year :) Maybe another round of the RR is in order ;)

The Women's Expo - Clean Sweep's Peter Walsh was there! He was great. He's the same in real life as he is on TV, except better looking in real life ;) As one lady put it, he's adorable, lol. Although he didn't understand A)Why we were all inside on a beautiful day, and B)Why we were there talking to him instead of home cleaning our closets.

My mom found herself as his example, which was quite funny. He did a survey to see where everyone was on the clutter scale, from 1 to 10. I said to my mom she was a 14, and she had to go and announce it. From then on, he was her example for everything. She laughed about it, he wasn't being mean or rude or anything, it was all good-natured. Although after that, as we were walking around the vendors' booths, like 3 people stopped her by name to comment on it, lol.


At 4:05 PM, Blogger Anna van Schurman said...

Yes, I do know about that store--check out my blog entry on Feb 17 2004 for my own particular review of the customer service at Needlepoints Ltd. Too bad it's so big and thorough! avs


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