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Sunday, March 04, 2007


I've posted a few times about working at the call center and enjoying my supervisor and such, how I wasn't going to transfer just yet, but now I'm reconsidering. Sigh. I still enjoy my supervisor, and I'm really not ready to give her up yet, I'd really miss her, but the prospect of a drastically shorter commute - meaning more sleep in the morning and more time to do stuff at night (like stitch!), is becoming hard to resist. Another sigh.

When I lived at my mom's the commute was ok. Not great, but it was doable. Living here, not so much. It just takes too much time. I get home, I eat, I read my email, watch TV for a couple hours and that's it. And I'm not stitching because I'm tired when I get home. I live so close to so many things, but I almost never go anywhere during the week except a couple local fast food places because I don't want to get home any later than I already do.

But then I think about working in a new office. It's not so new to me, I used to work there and know a lot of the people who still do. The friends that I had when I was there have mostly moved on. A lot of the supervisors have retired and I don't know any of the new ones. I have a good thing going with my supervisor now. I might not like the new one as much.

It'd be nice not answering the phone, I'll say that. Some think files and papers are overwhelming or whatever and like call center for the lack of those things, but they don't talk back or call you names and such either! But I don't want to be bored either. I know what each team does, and a couple of them sound boring. And I know I won't get to choose.

I guess my choices are deal with the commute or take the chance and transfer to be closer to home. Any thoughts?


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