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Monday, March 12, 2007

Here's the pic I promised

St. Patrick's Shamrock, ornamentified:


On a completely different topic, do you have any shows you like because they make you feel better about yourself? lol. I don't mean feel-good shows like Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, but shows that make you go "Whew! At least I'm not that bad!"

I have 2. One is A&E's Big Spender, which I've blogged about in the past, about financially irresponsible people. My finances aren't perfect, but I do live within my means. I have debt, but I got an education out of it, not an overpriced pair of jeans. I am not about to go into debt over some clothes. And I'm making payments on my loans.

The other is How Clean Is Your House? on Lifetime Real Women. This show makes even my mom's house not look so bad! My mom has a lot of stuff in her house, but she has 2 things over most of the people on this show: She throws out food and she has no animals. I can actually see the floors and tabletops in my house.


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